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Common Asset Properties


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    Bob Kennedy

    Must update this page -- Common Asset Properties -- to add some verbiage and links describing the *changes* to Container Behavior properties when grouped !


    Container Behavior

    Container Behavior properties configure the bounding box within which the asset media is displayed. Here are their properties:

    CONTAINER [PROPERTY] identifies the type of container. There are three possible values.

    1. Static: the user cannot move the asset. This is the default state of an asset.
    2. Free: the user can move/resize/rotate the asset but cannot pin it in a fixed position
    3. Pinnable: the user can toggle between the Free and Static states


    [ ADD : ]

    EXCEPT -- when a Container becomes a member of a Group, then the CONTAINER [PROPERTY] possible values *change*. Static, Free, or Pinnable are no longer options. Instead, the choices become:

    1. Scale 
    2. Resize 
    3. No resize

    (Once an individual asset has been incorporated into a group, its Container property inherits new possible values. )

    "Resizing Options"
    Intuiface » Intuiface Composer » Collections » Group » Resizing Options




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