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Use Shared Folders with Collections



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    Steve Easley

    Will this work with Excel as well? So I could have my Excel data source on a shared folder and it can be updated by someone and the application will update accordingly?

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    Hi Steve,

    Indeed, this will work with Excel, I just added a paragraph about it. The only difference is that you will need to restart your Player in order to see the modification.

    Kind regards.

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    Steve Easley

    One other thing to note if you use this method with Excel files. If you have external images, videos or audio with relative paths in the Excel sheet, (i.e. "images/image1.jpg"), the path will not work anymore. You will have to hard code the full path to your shared folder. We just ran into this issue. Once we changed all of the path info, all the images came in properly. The downside to this, is that it is very difficult to test the app on your development machine unless it has the exact file structure.


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